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"tsundoku [tsoon-doh-koo]"

積ん読 (kanji) つんどく (hiragana)

(noun) This informal, untranslatable Japanese word is a favorite for book lovers, especially for those who yearn for the authenticity of print and love to smell and hold books! Tsundoku is defined as the act of buying books with the purpose of reading them but failing to, thus causing them to accumulate over time.  

  • Etymology: tsumu (to pile up) + doku (to read)


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My day today orz

How my day was supposed to go: wake up at 10:30, eat breakfast, do my homework, go get my eyebrows done, run to mall, come home and eat supper and then go to my night classes for 6.

How my day really went: alarm goes off at 10:30… hit snooze. wake up at 1:30, shower and eat breakfast, sit in my towel for an hour reading BL manga, do some homework and then e-mail my teacher and ask for an extension on the rest, get dressed, eat some supper, sit around some more and then go to class 30 minutes late.

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This show… can it get any better? That grandma with the machine gun is driving a tractor btw…

This show… can it get any better? That grandma with the machine gun is driving a tractor btw…

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bawling my eyes out

Who wins…..?!

catching up on hunterxhunter


The characters in this series are… are so extreme. and so invigorating, and human… and the way that it draws you in, and makes you question the protagonist or antagonists position and which is who and who is which and try to find some sort of balance between right and wrong and ones sense of justice vs the way of the world… is unremarkable.

Stories like this could topple the “greatest works of literature” for all they’re worth~